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Frequently Asked Questions

**Top question always……"How much and how long?"  

How much does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?  How many Laser Tattoo Removal treatments will I need?  

I wish this was a direct and easy answer.  The cost depends on several factors:  the size of the tattoo being the most relevant.  Your tattoo is custom and we believe your cost should be as well.  With that said, we can provide a range of between $75~$400 per treatment.  As your ink fades, so does the cost.

**"How many Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments will I need?"  

This is an impossible question to answer and I could devote a lot of time (and I will in another area) to the answer.  The number of treatments you will need is dependent on so many factors, many unknown, no  one can accurately answer that question but your very own body.  Because the fading of the ink is dependent on your body's immune/lymphatic system how well you take care of you, your diligence in after care are direct reflections of how many treatments you will need.  The type of tattoo, the artist, and the type of ink also play important roles in how many treatments you will need.

**Running a tight race with the above two questions……

"Does Laser Tattoo Removal hurt?"

 The short answer….it is briefly uncomfortable.  It is uncomfortable but usually similar to getting the tattoo just a thousand times quicker.  The sensation is similar to being snapped with a rubber band while receiving the treatment or actually more accurate, the sensation of being popped with bacon grease and the later sensations of heat/burning and sensitivity for up to a few hours later.  As an added benefit to our clients we have a Zimmer Chiller (a medical grade skin cooler) to numb the area prior to and during treatment.  Not only does this ease the discomfort but it's also another precaution we take to insure the safety of your skin.  After the treatment, the treated area will feel much like a sunburn and be slightly warm to the touch.  Again, how well you treat yourself and your diligence with after care are factors in post treatment comfort.  We provide you with very specific pre and post treatment guidelines and ask that you follow them diligently to insure the best results and the most comfort.

**What is the R20 Method and do you do it?

The R20 Method is a series of 4 treatments spaced 20 minutes apart in one day.  We prefer not to employ this method simply because the results don't support the risk.  A single laser treatment delivers a huge amount of energy into your skin and solicits your body's immune responses, as amazing as our bodies are they still need time to do their job effectively.  Studies simply do not provide enough or adequate evidence that the R20 Method provides a notable difference in the fading of the ink to outweigh the potential risks such as blistering, scarring, hyper (darkening of area) or hypo (lightening of area) pigmentation so it's not worth the extra money you would spend getting the treatment to get a less than or equal to result of a single treatment.

**Can I return to work after my treatment?

Absolutely!  After your treatment the area treated may be a tad swollen, red, slightly warm and uncomfortable to the touch.  However, if you work in a hot environment, are a hot tub model or work in a sauna we do not advise that you return to work.  Otherwise, you will not be a bleeding, oozing mess after your treatment so you can absolutely return to your normal activities after your treatment….that do not include heat and/or sun to the treated area.

**How long does a treatment take?

Only a few minutes (usually less than 5 depending on the size of the tattoo) for the actual treatment.  In all honesty, you could schedule your appointment on your lunch break and still have time to eat before returning to work.

We'd love to answer your question so please contact us with any you may have!