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Hampton Roads One Stop All Color Laser Tattoo Removal

Our Laser

We are proud to offer to our clients the Quanta Q Plus C Laser.  Before opening our doors,

I personally spent years researching the best laser technology and working with every leading laser

company before choosing the Quanta system.  It is simply the most versatile, powerful and precise

machine on the market and the only Q-Switched laser to offer three wavelengths in one platform

to effectively treat resistant ink colors as well as typical black and red inks.  Our machine made one

stop from the manufacturer, US distributor  to our door so we know the complete history,

usage, care and maintenance of the life of the machine.   It has been perfectly calibrated to

 achieve the best results available for laser tattoo removal.  

Quanta laser technology is also extensively used in art restoration for priceless pieces of art work

at the Vatican,  Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  If the Vatican trusts 

​Quanta with their master pieces, why wouldn't you trust us with your masterpiece....your skin?

​De Beers Diamond Company, the leading diamond known for it's masterfully, beautifully cut diamonds also uses Quanta lasers to precisely cut and sculpt each and every diamond it distributes.  It's crystal (brilliant diamond) clear why Quanta and D' Inked Laser Tattoo Removal are your best choice to safely, effectively and precisely remove or fade your tattoo.


Zimmer Chiller

​The Zimmer Cryo Cold Air Device is used to minimize pain and thermal injury during the laser tattoo 

removal treatment and provides a temporary topical anesthetic before, during and immediately 

after the procedure.​